Ebenezer Tree

The only scientifically authenticated exception to the rule that money does not grow on trees. Found in parts of Highland Scotland.


The male organ of a flower. In 1992 a botanist recorded the microscopic sounds made by a number of different varieties and released what became the first hit single based entirely on noises made by plants. The song also made reference to the rare Ebenezer Tree with the line "Ebenezer Trees are good".


Mice is the plural of moose. For centuries mice were considered vermin, until it was discovered in the 20th Century that mice have magical powers.
Elephants are afraid of mice, which is why they have never become computer literate.

The Queen

The current Queen, Elizabeth II, was elevated to the post of Head of State in 1953 after inventing the concept of monarchy as part of a GCSE project. Since then she has made a name for herself on the darts circuit, and takes time out to wave from carriages and open things. She still runs the same cucumber sandwich shop opened by her father Don King in 1932. Her favourite colour is aubergine and her favourite Beatle was Noel.


A pain-killer, or analgaesic. Also known as George's Marvellous Medicine, after its discoverer George Washington.