A spicy sausage that you can stay in, like a holiday chalet.


Unsolicited advertising by email. The name derives from an advertising campaign by the British Board of Meat Marketing in the early 1950s, which involved posting envelopes of processed meat through the letterboxes of thousands of British households. After hundreds of complaints and two minor acts of arson, the campaign was withdrawn.

Jelly Roll Morton

Born Ferdinand Josef Mortenburg in imperial Vienna in the early 18th Century, 'Jelly Roll' Morton became one of the pioneers of Jazz in the years leading up to the First World War. He later turned his attention to physics, becoming one of the leading lights in the rush to develop nuclear weapons during the late 1930s. Working closely with his brothers Swiss Roll and Bog Roll, he was on the point of unveiling the first atom bomb when his work was cut short by his untimely death in 1941 following a overdose of jazz flute.

Fantastic Mr Dr Fox

Before he received his honorary doctorate from the Queen, (Dr) Neil Fox worked in the secret service, successfully completing a record number of missions in South America, China, the Middle East, the former USSR and Yorkshire.
On leaving the shady world of international espionage, he went into radio, and has presented popular shows on Capital Radio and Magic FM, as well as some TV game shows and stuff.

He is not a fox; he is in fact a man like you or me.


See fruitbat.


A forerunner of the modern game of cricket. One player stands in front of an upright target or wicket with a wooden club or bat. Another player, the bowler, throws a fruit towards the wicket, normally an apple or orange, but a banana, a grape or a watermelon could be used depending on availability. The first player must hit the fruit away so that it doesn't strike the wicket.

See also fruitbowl.


The ancients believed there were four soups that governed human behaviour. These were Minestrone, Mushroom, Chicken, and (of course) Cream of Tomato.


The ancients believed there were four humours which governed human behaviour. These were slapstick, surrealism, sexual innuendo and sarcasm.