Superheroes come from America. They are like humans but have special powers, and are driven by a powerful moral code which means they always triumph in the end. Sometimes they are almost turned from the path of right and justice by a beautiful lady, who we know is secretly bad because she has dark hair.
Sometimes they have an arch enemy, who is an ugly.

Superheroes are never homosexual.

Here are some classic superheroes:

Cat Man
Cat Man comes from Chicago, where he was raised in a box by nuns. He sleeps a lot and he don't ever need no litter tray.

The Gardener
The Gardener has laser secateurs and is friends with the earthworm hoards. He charges more for weekends.

The Wastrel
The Wastrel was friends with Bill and Ted, but he was off sick when they had their excellent adventure, so he flunked school. He lives in a friend's garage and mostly hangs around in parks. He carries a spork.

Worzel Gummidge
Worzel Gummidge has very long eyelashes. He is allergic to brutalist architecture.

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