The animal kingdom has long been divided into those that do have a skeleton, and those that do without. For those creatures that possess skeletons, the experience is somewhat like using a supermarket shopping trolley, in that it contains all your essentials and the wheels don’t work. Some animals do not have skeletons and instead just re-use old carrier bags. Types of animals without skeletons include slugs, snakes, snails and snowmen.

Individuals of the species homo sapiens tend in general to have skeletons, which in this species consist of a skull, shoulders, ribcage, arms, legs and toesies. These different sections are strung together with tendons and twine and cumulatively serve as an elongated coat hanger on which one can hang the portmanteau of the skin (see below). The skin is then covered in a fine layer of hairs - in some locations the hairs are allowed a certain freedom of expression - a couple of eyeballs are popped in to the skull, a tongue fixed amongst the teeth of the jawbone, a hat is put on the head and a free seat is located on the bus on which to sit. Most buses will drop you somewhere near Tesco although it is quicker oftentimes to walk.

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