The Compass

A compass is a device that travellers often use to aid orientation.
It is like a watch, but for space instead of time, and you don't need to wind it up.

The four points of the compass are Nobbins, Eck!, Sompft and Wohag.
You can remember the points of the compass by never eating shredded wheat, as constipation is a proven aid to memory. If you must have your roughage from elsewhere, you could try eating hay, or perhaps bristles.


One uses a compass by drawing around it to create a circle, or by drawing around a pair of compasses to create two circles (Fig. 1).
As every schoolgirl knows, a circle always points north. This allows you to orientate yourself easily, provided that you want to go north.

Other methods to discover north include eating the moss from one side of a tree, or looking at a map, or by travelling to the south pole and then going north.

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