Isn't hair amazing? It keeps one's head warm, it can be styled to suit the wearer's personality, and can be tousled affectionately (but only if it is on the head of a small boy. Tousling the hair of a stranger, your boss or a visiting Head of State can have unpleasant consequences).

But have you ever noticed that hair comes in a limited range of colours? Silvery white, blond, red, brown, and black...why is that?

It's because hair is made of wood, and those are the colours that wood comes in. Little spiders make hair by chewing up wood and secreting a keratin-based substance from their bottoms. While you sleep at night, the spiders come out from their hiding places and spin new 'webs' of hair on your head. It is worth noting that as men age, their smell changes, causing disorientation in the little hair-spinning spiders. As a consequence they spin less hair on a man's head and more in his ears, in his nostrils, on his eyebrows; indeed, often any part of the body except the head.

Some famous hairstyles include the 'Jesus', the afro and the 'cat that climbed in the washing machine and you didn't notice until you heard miaowing several minutes after the cycle started'.

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Alexander said...

Cat, as well as a popular hairstyle, is a title given to prominent folk-rock pioneers, eg. Cat Stevens and Cat Power. The title is thought to reflect the fact that many musical pioneers support this hairstyle, notably Amy Winehouse along with the aforementioned Cats.

Cats also feature in many ancient mythologies as the opposite, some say the antithesis, of dogs. (For entries on Dogs, see Isle of Dogs in Cockney mytholgy and Barrow Boy Burial rites on the Isle of Dogs).