A course eaten after dinner and before cheese, or after cheese but before cigars, or after cigars but before skinny-dipping.
Poodles (pudding noodles) can be eaten at any time of day. Be careful not to confuse with puddles.

Also cf. colloquial phrase 'you're a pudding', used as a threat to a mischievous child who makes a mess of himself. This phrase dates from a time when cannibalism was common in British society. The practice died out with the advent of the Industrial Revolution, when Quorn was invented. This is why it tastes like chicken.

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baconetti said...

very well spotted Dr. Theophilus, very few people other than Sir David Attenbrough and the Archduke Timmy Mallet, realize that a Quorn is in fact a large earth bound bird, hence the well known phrase "a Quorn, a Quorn, my kingdom for a Quorn!" uttered on that fatefull St Crispins day in 1066 by Vanessa Feltz!