Bruce Forsyth

Personality, Precocious Dancer, Pagan

Extraordinary-chinned, orange-tinted entertainer Bruce Forsyth has risen far since his humble beginnings. He was born Bruce Elizabeth Forsyth to an upper middle-class family of wolves in Highland Scotland in the 1930s. His mother, Jemima the wolf, recognised her copper-coloured infant's talents and large chin early, and as soon as he was old enough she enrolled him in TV Presenter Primary School in Edinburgh. Here he flourished alongside other now-famous pupils like Des Lynam, Cilla Black and Fidel Castro.

After gaining a degree from St. Butlins College, Oxfordbridge, the bright tangerine-hued young Brucie entered telly land, where he quickly took the opportunity to show off his skills and chin in programmes like 'The Generator Game' and 'Every Other Bloody Night at the London Palladium'. He was soon one of the aristocrats of the gogglebox kingdom, but decided to take a brief career break in 1984, which he used to study necromancy and to spend several years on the high seas as a pirate.

In 2003 he returned to TV world with hit show 'The Price is Nice to See You', followed soon after by the hugely popular 'Strictly Dance or You Die', which he still presents today.

He lives in rural Devonshire with his three wives and his cat, David.

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