The moustache is a popular way for a chap to demonstrate his manliness, and is considered more socially acceptable than indecent exposure.

A moustachio (Latin: moustachio, moustachire, 'to wear a moustache') is commonly placed on the face, between the nose and upper lip, but may also be worn on the forehead; above the navel; or a little further down, should you wish to show off your 'Groucho'.
When not being worn it may be kept in an attractive display case on a sideboard or windowsill, or alternatively stored in the moustache pocket of your waistcoat or Bermuda shorts.

Left unattended, a moustachio can become bushy and badly behaved, and will chase small children. But groomed carefully, your Schnurrbart can be a great fashion accessory, especially with a modern style such as the 'thigh tickler', the Angel of the North, or the Batman symbol.

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