Celebrities are everywhere these days, but you can usually get rid of them with a special comb or shampoo. Celebrities are human beings who have attained an elevated social status in virtue of hard work performed in the jungle or forgetting to wear underwear when climbing out of a limo.

The ancient Greeks were the first to formulate a notion of celebrity. Athenian citizens could vote on a fellow citizen to be a celebrity for 8 years, after which he would be allowed to return to Athens, although by that time everyone had forgotten who he was and you could buy all his movies in a Texaco garage for 50p.

Whilst the position of soup du jour is no longer subject to such time limits, many celebrities find themselves sadly forgotten about after just a brief moment in the limelight. The famous hairdresser and greengrocer Andy Warhol once famously remarked that he would be famous in 15 minutes, before recording his number one hit Spiders from Mars are Coming Down the Stairs.

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